General Policies


Smoking Policy.  Seven Oaks Inn/Bed and Breakfast is a non-smoking facility in and around the house.  If necessary, we can provide a designated smoking area outdoors and away from the house.

Smoking in unauthorized areas may constitute a request to vacate the facility, loss of your deposit, the guest being charged for the remaining balance of the visit.  The possibility of additional charges for deodorizing the room or covering damages that may have occurred due to your violation of this policy may also be imposed.

Internet Accessibility.  Wi-fi Internet access is provided at no additional charge as a courtesy to all guests.  You will be given the password to the system upon check-in.

To be able to continue providing that service, we require that no guest download, display, upload, or transmit obscenity or pornography, or illegally download or distribute copyright-protected materials utilizing Seven Oaks Inn/Bed and Breakfast Internet service.  Guests should not utilize the network to gain unauthorized access to any other computer system, to include another guest and/or Seven Oaks computer systems.  Failure to comply with this policy may constitute your being asked to vacate the property and you will lose any deposit and/or monies paid for your lodging, events, etc.

Lost or Stolen Property.  Seven Oaks Inn/Bed and Breakfast is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items from your room and/or your car due to theft, fire, or any other unforeseen event/circumstances.  You are provided a room key and we recommend you utilize the door lock(s).  We recommend you lock all valuables in your car/trunk.

If your property is lost, stolen, or damaged, an investigation may be conducted by Seven Oaks and/or our insurance provider.  We will abide by all insurance regulations and investigations protected under all applicable insurance fraud policies and laws.  In addition, we reserve the right to polygraph under the Employee Polygraph Protection Act concerning incidents.  If your property is misplaced while you are here and it is relocated after your departure, we will be more than happy to forward it to you.  You may be responsible for any postage/shipping charges that may incur during the return of your property.

Damages or Loss of Property.  Seven Oaks Inn/Bed and Breakfast reserves the right to charge your on-file credit card for any damages or loss of property (to include missing towels, robes, and/or appliances) that may occur due to your actions or lack of actions during your stay.

Disruptive Behaviors and Illegal Activity.  Rude, disruptive, and/or illegal conduct of any form is not condoned on Seven Oaks Bed and Breakfast property at any time.  Possession of and use of illegal drugs and overconsumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Seven Oaks property.

We reserve the right to contact local law enforcement agencies to restore the peace and, if necessary, to escort you off Seven Oaks property.  If you are asked to vacate the premises, you will lose any deposit and/or other monies paid for lodging, events, etc.

833 Old Mill Road, High Point, NC 27265          (336) 899-6257 

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